Ms. Nguyen's Weekly Newsletter

October 20 - October 27

Greetings, parents!

This time of year is always so fun and exciting for my students and their families. I’m sure your schedule is filled with many fun fall activities. As with all of my other weekly newsletters before, this issue contains information about what we’ve done in class for the week as well as various school events. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

-Ms. Nguyen

Lesson and Activities of the Week


This week, our main lesson was on location words. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) states that a child should be able to demonstrate the use of location words such as “over”, “under”, “above”, “on”, “beside”, “next to”, “between”, “in front of”, “near”, “far”, etc. We focused specifically on the words “above/on”, “next to” and “under” in our lessons.

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As an introduction to location words, I modeled the three different locations using magnets on the board. The students then described where the magnets were in relation to each other. This provides them with a visual example of location words.

The next activity was a game of Simon Says. I was Simon and asked the students to do specific tasks while using our key location words (“above/on”, “next to”, “under”). Incorporating physical activity into the lesson helps students further understand the use of location words.

For the students’ independent activity, the students looked at various pictures of a duck and a cow that showed examples of the location words. The students then worked in pairs to talk about where the duck was in relation to the cow and vice versa.

For our last activity on location words we went to our centers. The student’s responsibility at our vocabulary center was to do puzzles displaying everyday objects that they would recognize that showed examples of our location words along with the location word itself.

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My main goal when providing instruction to my students is to make it fun, engaging, and relatable. I want to do as many activities as possible to help your child grasp the lesson as well as learn it in different ways. All of the activities we’ve done enhance your child’s knowledge of location words and demonstrates how we use those words in everyday life.

School Events

Fall Festival, Friday, October 27 from 12-4

Students look forward to the Fall Festival every year, and so do I! This year’s festival will take place throughout our campus and soccer fields. You can buy tickets ahead of time for $5 using the order form included in your child’s take home folder or on the day of the festival for $6. Volunteers are always welcome and you can contact Mr. James if you’re interested in lending a helping hand. I will definitely be there and am looking forward see you all there as well!

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Book Fair, Monday October 20-Friday October 27

This year’s book fair will be held in our gym and is especially exciting because we will have a guest speaker, Marc Brown. Marc Brown is one of the most popular children’s book authors and his Arthur book series has been turned into the TV show Arthur on PBS. Mr. Brown will be speaking at the book fair after school on Wednesday from 4-5. He will also be autographing any books that are purchased at the book fair. This is a great opportunity to have a fun family night!
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