Bheemashakti Yoga with Angela Boes

Saturdays 12-1:30pm

A new approach to Yoga: Improve your Asana through a "Dimensional Practice"!


A Dimension is the direction of opening and strengthening of the body. It also could be called the energization of the body in a particular position. The body has Seven Foundational Dimensions. The process of Energizing and Opening the body utilizing the Seven Dimensions is called the EOP Process (Energizing and Opening Preparation). The Seven Foundational Dimensions are as follows:

1 Spinal Twist
2 Standing Side Split (Leg)
3 Backbend
4 Forward Bend
5 Handstand (Strength)
6 Forearm Stand
7 Shoulder Stand

In this class you will learn all the basics of how to master each dimension. This will inform and feed your asana practice as well as transform the way you approach yoga.

Yoga Backbend Drop Back: A Student Before and After

About Me: Why I teach Bheemashakti Yoga

How did I become a Bheemashakti yogini? On accident actually. After studying yoga for 10 years, I plateaued. Finally, I found a system that worked to open and strengthen my body to be able to do things I never could with Asana a handstand away from the wall or full lotus. I believe there are many people who practice yoga, even teach yoga, that can relate to my story. I've been all over the West and East Coast studying Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. After many hours of endless devotion to practice, breathing, dietary changes and mindfullness training, I got stuck. Then I stumbled into Jonathan's Bheemashakti Yoga class and have been a regular with him for the past almost 4 years. If you want to experience why it works, its best just to try it. All I can say is if you practice correctly, there is no reason why your practice should plateau. I found that opening the body deeply in each dimension set the foundation for a rock solid Asana practice. I never set out to teach this kind of yoga. It was just what came naturally because it worked. So why not let others in on the secret?

Mystic Water Kava Bar: Its like doing yoga under a tree in India!

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Classes are held at Mystic Water Kava Bar located on Ray street in North Park. Saturday 12-1:30pm and Sundays 12-1:30.