CDS Middle School

August 23rd, 2020

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Flexibility is Key

It was an unexpected first week of school! Rather than welcoming all students to campus, we began the 2020-21 school year online. Despite the change of plans, it was wonderful seeing everyone's faces digitally. The week was filled with community building and getting reacquainted with online learning. While the first few days were unexpected, both students and teachers were able to show their flexibility with this ever changing situation.

Next week we are so excited to welcome Middle School students back to campus. We have shared the safety protocols with students on Friday during House, but they are also linked below in this newsletter.

Unfortunately, we are not out of the clear and need to continue to be flexible, reacting to the news as we hear about more an increase of numbers of COVID and the location of the new cases. We urge you to take all necessary safety precautions at home as well. This includes staying close to home and not attending academies or other extracurricular activities after school. We hope we can continue to have students on campus, and we need your help in doing so!

We have received many phone calls and emails regarding uniforms and textbooks. We understand there has been delays with both of these school supplies. If you have not received your uniform yet, you can wear beige or navy pants and a white shirt until yours arrives in the mail. The school has some extra copies of textbooks, but not enough for everyone. However, we will provide copies of needed pages for all classes until everyone's books arrive.

Thank you again for your patience, flexibility, and commitment to creating a safe return to CDS. We will continue to to keep you updated on any changes we must follow from the KCDC and Incheon Metropolitan Board of Education. We can't wait to see everyone on Monday!

First Day of (Physical!) School


Monday, August 24th


5th Graders and New Students, go to the Small Theater

Returning Students, go directly to your locker and then your House

What to Bring?

Your backpacks, a water bottle, your school supplies.


Students will receive their Math, Science, and Social Studies textbooks from the library on the first or second day of next week. Please bring the books you have purchased with you on Monday.

학생들은 첫째날 또는 둘째날 도서관에서 수학, 과학, 사회 교과서를 받을 예정입니다. 이 외 과목 교과서는 등교 첫날 가지고 와야합니다.

Back to School Night

Back to School Night is a wonderful time to meet and connect with teachers as well as see what a typical day looks like for you children. While ideally we would love to see you all at school on Monday, August 24th, this year our Back to School Night will be completely virtual. On Monday, August 24th, we will send an email to parents and students with a link to a website where you can experience a virtual Back to School Night. There you will find recorded videos of each of your student's teachers and course outlines for each of their classes.

Since you are not able to meet your student's teachers in person at the moment, feel free to reach out to them via email if you have any questions or would like to have a video conference with them.

CDS Safety Protocols

If you're curious to see some of the safety precautions we are taking at CDS, check out this video. It was viewed by all students during House on Friday and will be reviewed throughout student's first physical week back at school. As always, we are constantly reviewing and updating our protocols to ensure safety for all students and teachers at CDS, so everything in the video is subject to change over time.
CDS MS Return to School Safety Protocols

Morning Drop off and Afternoon Pick Up

Through our “CDS Return to School Plan” and Newsletter, there was a statement restricting car parking on campus. This was a strict application of the quarantine regulations, but many parents voiced their concerns of the inconvenience and pointed out that parking is prohibited because the road outside the school is a child-protected area.

Therefore, as before, parents can use vehicles to enter the parking lot for students to and from school. However, only students are allowed to get in and out, and guardians are required to stay in the vehicle, and access to the building cannot be done unless the appointment is made in advance. We apologize for causing the confusion, and we ask for your understanding as it was in the process of devising measures for student safety.

본교의 CDS Return to School Plan과 뉴스레터를 통해 차량의 주차장 진입을 제한하는 내용이 있었습니다. 이는 본교에서 방역 규정을 엄격하게 적용한 것이지만, 다수의 학부모님께서 불편함을 호소하고, 학교 밖 도로가 어린이 보호구역이어서 주정차가 금지되어 있는 점을 지적해주셨습니다. 이에 종전처럼 학부모님께서 학생의 등하교를 위해 차량을 이용, 주차장까지 진입하실 수 있게끔 하겠습니다. 다만 학생만 승하차시키시고, 보호자께서는 차량에 머물러 주시기 바라며, 건물 내 출입은 사전 예약을 하지 않으시는 이상 하실 수 없습니다.

혼란을 초래한 점 사과드리며, 학생 안전을 위한 방안을 강구하는 과정에서 나온 것이니 양해 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

Our Fall Sports Season Begins Next Week

You have all received a letter from our CDS Athletic Director, Mr. Monette. In the letter, he explains some important changes that will be made so that students can participate. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Regular Practices twice a week
  • Game Opportunities against our own teammates with in house competitions
  • Strict Protocols like wearing a mask at all times, sanitizing equipment before, during, and after practice, and social distancing as much as possible will be enforced by coaches

In order to participate, parents must complete the Athlete Participation Form and the After School Permission Form. If these forms are not completed and given to the coach, students will not be able to participate in sports.

If you have more information, check out our CDS MS Athletic Website, or emailing Mr. Monette (

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CDS MS Athletics Website

Please read the information regarding safe protocols for our sports seasons this year.

After School Programs (ASPs)

Our After School Programs will begin the week of September 7th! Sign ups will be available until Wednesday, September 2nd. Make sure to communicate with your students to see what they are interested in and make sure they do not have other scheduling conflicts before signing up! Please complete the form for each ASP you plan to participate in.

CDS Return to School Plan

This document was created to align with the recommendations from the Ministry of Education and the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education, as well as looking at what other international schools are doing to keep the entire community safe upon our return to school. Here are some important pieces of information that relate to Middle School parents and student.

  • After School: Unless students are participating in sports or After School Programs, students should leave campus immediately. The school will be closed at 5:00pm each day for sanitation. Student can be picked up from after school sports or programs outside of the Dalton Arches or in the new parking lots across the street.

  • Guests on Campus: Guests, including parents, are not allowed in the school building during the school day unless they have an appointment. If you need to come in the school building for any reason, you must contact the Middle School Office first.

  • Absences: If you suspect your child has any of the symptoms of COVID or will be absent for any reason, contact the Middle School Office. Students will be expected to get their schoolwork completed once they recover, but your child's safety and health take priority over their school work. If they are home from school with mild symptoms, they can check their Assignment Packets and Google Classroom for all of their assignments. They can also communicate with their teachers via email. Once your child returns to school, we will make sure they utilize Lab and Flex time to get caught up with their teachers on the content they missed. If there is a case where someone in our community is diagnosed with COVID, the school will switch to distance learning until we are allowed to reopen campus.

  • Lunch: As students walk through the line, they can communicate with the cafeteria serving staff about portion size and decline something if they do not wish to have it. But the choice of western meal or Korean meal is not offered during the first term. Being safe and efficient is key while serving and eating in the cafeteria. Limiting choice is a function of utilizing the resources we have to achieve safety and efficiency.

  • Water bottles: We highly recommended that students bring their own water bottle.This will eliminate extra trips to the water dispenser and keep the water dispenser more sanitary.

Our Return to School Plan is a working document that will be updated as we begin the new school year and throughout the year. Some protocols may change, and we will be sure to share the changes with you once they are made.

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What's Happening in Music this Week

Though it was unfortunate to start the first week of school online, we still made the most of the environment and students actively made and learned about music. The 5th graders used their names to create dance moves and then we put all the moves together for a class dance. The 7th graders were welcomed to class with a rap performed by Ms. Van Liew. We are looking forward to all the music making we will do this year, regardless of the circumstance!
5B Name Dance
7th Grade Rap Introduction

Health Check Form

Beginning on Monday, August 10th, all students must complete this health check form daily.

학생 건강 자가 진단서

8월 10일 월요일을 시작으로, 모든 학생들은 반드시 건강상태 자가진단 설문을 매일 작성하여 제출해야 합니다.

Supplies for 2020-21 School Year

Many of you have been asking what school supplies you will need. A more comprehensive list will be shared with you next week, but here is the current list as of today:

All Students:

Class-Specific Supplies:


If you need to order textbooks for your students, please see this letter from our librarian, Ms. Carley. New students will learn what World Language class they will be in on the first day. Parents can purchase their world language workbooks here. Textbooks may be take a while for delivery, but we have enough for students to borrow in the meantime.

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Student Council 2020-21

There is a major change coming to Student Council this year! Rather than students running for the position of President and Vice President, we will have students campaigning and running together on one ticket, President/Vice President! These positions must be held by a boy and a girl, and they must be in grades 7th and 8th.

Like years past, all students may apply for the Secretary, Treasurer, and Grade Level Representative Positions.

The application forms for all positions are below. Applications are due on Monday, August 24th! Candidates will give their campaign speeches on Friday, August 28th during CC time. We can wait to see what our student leaders do this year!

President and Vice President Form

Treasurer and Secretary Form

Grade Level Rep Form