Farmington View Weekly Focus

May 16-20

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 16

7:15-7:30 SBAC Testing Meeting (Kim, Jill, Shelly, Christie, TimiSue, Tracey, & Danielle)

7:50-8:35 Roger @ Brown Middle School for AVID Site Team Meeting

10:00-12:00 Grant Corliss @ FV for Walk Throughs

1:00-1:30 STEM Meeting (Janet & Roger)

2:15-3:15 STEM Design Meeting

3:20-4:00 Roger @ Brown for PBIS Meeting

7:00-8:00 FVPAE Meeting

Tuesday, May 17

7:50-2:00 Jog-a-thon

9:00-10:30 6th grade Visits South Meadows

2:15-3:00 Action Meeting

Wednesday, May 18

8:00-9:00 Attendance Meeting (Jennifer & Roger)

2:00-3:15 Teacher Directed Academic Seminar (Collaboration)

3:15-4:00 Roger @ Brown for AVID Summer Planning Meeting

Thursday, May 19

7:30-11:00 Roger @ McKinney for Principal PLC

10:00-1:45 Children's Theater Field Trip (5, 5/6, & 6)

2:05-4:00 Academic Club (Sara & Danielle)

3:30-5:30 PBIS Leadership Meeting @ AC (FV Team)

Friday, May 20

12:45-1:45 Talent Show

Nuts and Bolts

  • State Testing: There are 19 testing days remaining. I'll meet with teachers tomorrow at 7:15 to set up this week's testing schedule and then send it out to everyone.

  • Transition Meetings: This week I'll be going to Brown for several end of the year meetings that involve planning for next year. Nabil will be attending the STEM Design Team, Bobcat Booster, and FVPAE meetings this week. Hopefully, HR will set up his formal introduction soon.

  • End of Year Activities: As all of you know, the end of the year is quite busy with field trips, testing, and other activities. Please take the time to continue to talk with your class about behavior expectations and kindness. Also, for some students, FV is their safe place and their anxiety might be ramping up and could manifest as inappropriate behaviors. Our patience and understanding will go a long ways in the final five weeks of school. Thank you for your efforts!

  • Parent Pick Up: The lines are painted and we will transition to a North parking lot pick up starting June 2nd. I'll explain the process to parents at Thursday's Booster meeting, send home flyers, and provide flyers on June 1st at parent pick up. This change will make our pick up smoother, more efficient, and safer.

  • Drills: We will have a fire, lock in, and reverse evacuation drill before the end of the month. A reverse evacuation is when the students are outside and we have to get them in as quickly as possible. This would most likely occur if a threat (person or animal) was near or on campus when students are outside. During the reverse evacuation, students are moved inside quickly and all exterior doors are locked like in a lock-out situation.

Shout Outs

  • Even though Friday was Sara's last day , I want to acknowledge the positive impact she had with our students and Spanish speaking families. She earned their trust, which allowed FV to work more effectively with them. Thank you to all of you who signed her card, said good bye, and/or provided some financial support to help get her home.

  • As I listened in on Janet's class, I noticed the amount of high level math talk. They were explaining/discussing how to use Log. Okay, full disclosure here. I had no idea what Log was in terms of math:) As I quickly googled it, I found that it's used in pre-calculus and other high level math classes. Of course, I wondered what it was doing at FV? When I asked Janet afterwards, she explained that Log is on the calculator and as students explored their calculators, they wanted to know how it worked. So of course, they spent a little time on Log. Sometimes, letting curiosity drive instruction/time is worth the time.

  • With the addition of chromebooks for testing and extended time for testing, teachers have been able to be more flexible with testing. Sometimes, what works for some impacts others. In our case, Marcia has had to be even more flexible and work with all teachers to get everything to fit just right each week. Her efforts, patience, and positive attitude are appreciated. The finish line is near!

  • The math discourse is Christy's room is really exciting to observe. The students are so comfortable talking/discussing/disagreeing, that everyone is engaged in the talk. Its like watching a game show. But what really made me laugh inside is when she said "you hit the nail on the head and that's an idiom." Never hurts to put in LA standards too.

  • Shelly has been masterful, strategic, and intentional this year in building a classroom culture of tolerance and acceptance. I had the opportunity to listen to her students while they sat in a circle and reported their weekend news. Students were at ease and able to share private information with their classmates. Having this type of trust in one another allows everyone to participate and feel like a family.

  • Dan's PE classes are packed full of fun and entertaining activities. During my recent observation, the students were moving almost the entire activity. Only when Dan provided explanations of the next activity did they slow down. The music he plays also keeps them engaged.

  • Thank you to Sarah for jumping in this week to support the Academic Club in Sara's absence.

Have a Great Week!

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