RNHS Roundup 25

Week of March 6

School Spotlight

Week At A Glance

Monday 3/6/23 - F Day

  • Booster Club, 7pm, Community Room

Tuesday, 3/7/23 - A Day

Wednesday, 3/8/23 - B Day

Thursday, 3/9/23 - C Day

Friday, 3/10/23 - D Day

  • HS Thespian Troupe, 5pm, PAC

Upcoming Events:

3/11 SAT

3/13 Varsity and JV Sports Begin

3/14 HS PAC Meeting, 3pm, HS main office

3/15 BOE Meeting/2nd Budget Presentation, 7pm, Community Room

3/17 Glass Castle Performance-Grade 12, PAC, Hr-pd4

3/18 2023 Regeneron Westchester Science & Engineering Fair, Somers HS

3/21-3/23 HOSA Trip-Spring Leadership Conference

3/21 Theatre Class Play Festival 4pm-5:30pm - PAC

3/23 Theatre Class Play Festival 4pm-5:30pm - PAC

3/29 BOE Planning Session 6:30 PM - CSC

3/31 Virtual Presentation Holocaust Survivor Judith Altman-Grade 10, pds 8-9

Counseling Connection

For Seniors:

  • Financial aid award letters should be rolling in. Please contact your counselors for advice on how to interpret them.
  • Completed Rye Neck Student Aid Fund Scholarship applications are due Monday, 3/6 and the Thomas De Litto Scholarship applications are due Wednesday, 3/8

In Case You Missed It


  1. Theater Weekly Update
  2. A reminder for parent, student, and staff drivers: Our MS/HS parking lot, driveways, and Hornidge Rd. can become congested at times. Typical drivers may be in a hurry with other places to go, appointments to make, and get annoyed at others who either don’t pay attention or hinder progress. Please keep these tips in mind for everyone’s safety, particularly the children who may be less careful, less aware, or who exercise the degree of judgment that comes with their age level:

    • Avoid cutting people off-- it leads to rapid and poor decision making, and it can generate road rage.

    • Adhere to stop and speed limit signs, and give people using crosswalks the right of way.

    • Take turns at merges, stop signs, and intersections to give everyone a chance to enter and exit.

    • Drive slowly and defensively. The 10 mph campus speed limit is slow, but slow is better than unsafe.

    • Assume walkers and bikers are not paying attention to you. Although walkers and bikers should follow road rules, assume that they will not do the safe thing.

    • Be aware that there are other drivers in other cars: don’t block driving lanes or intersections, move for those exiting parking spots, and load/unload students quickly in designated areas.

    • Traffic in the “temporary” gravel parking lot on Hornidge is one-way. Students should not be dropped off in the lot. Additionally, pedestrian traffic is not permitted in this lot. You cannot walk through as a shortcut.

  3. Reminder: In the event of a snow day, the letter day calendar is updated. The letter day is carried over to the next day.
  4. Judges needed for the "Virtual" Tri County Science & Technology Fair. The Annual Tri-County Science & Technology Fair needs technical professionals with a strong background in science and technology to judge this year's exhibits. It's virtual, so you don't have to be local. Visit Tri-County Science & Technology Fair Website for more details.
  5. The 2nd floor CSC restroom has been designated for staff use only.


  1. Beginning 2/27, student IDs can no longer be used to unlock doors. Until 8:30 am, students gain entry via the HS main entrance, E-corridor and C-corridor. Starting period 2, we will revert to a single point of entry via the HS main entrance. Beginning Monday, 3/13 all HS students will be required to wear their ID cards. We are in the process of printing updated IDs for all students.
  2. The 2023-24 District Calendar was approved at February's BOE meeting. It will remain linked under important links at the top of future newsletters.
  3. Junior/Senior Day has been moved to 4/13/23.
  4. HS Yearbook Orders (use code 4513)
  5. FALL 2023 VARSITY/JV SPORTS: All Fall 2023 HS athletes are expected to be back from vacation and cleared to participate by Monday, 8/21/23.
  6. Outside opportunities: