Institutional advertising

For the community

Define institutional advertising

Institutional advertising attempts to create a favorable impression and good will for a business or an organization. It does this by providing positive information about a business. Support of community projects and community endorsed ideas about important public topics such as the environment, public health, and education can create a favorable image.

Donating to others


Toms shoes is an example of donating to others to help build your business. For every pair of shoes you buy the company gives another pair to a person that needs shoes in Africa. People want to buy Toms instead of a different brand because they feel that they are helping others.

Building a community.


Coke likes to show support for the US Olympic team. They donate money to help support the team. Because people like to support their country during this time many buy coke products in order to support the team, which in turn builds sales.

Best Maid Pickles

The Best Maid Pickles company hosts a parade in the town of Mansfield, Texas because that is where the pickles are maid. They give away pickles, and it helps to build a sense of community and pride in the area which encourages all people of Mansfield to only buy Best Maid branded pickles.