Fun Tri Health Fitness

By: Lyndon M. Mitchell Jr.

What are my three health types?

There are three types of health that everyone has. They are Social Health (also known as emotional), Physical Health, and Mental Health. These health types are all taken care of in everyday life. But it's like a game, because upgrading one health can affect one of the other types.

Tips That Can Help You Stay Healty

  1. Every day, no matter your health condition, you need to feel good about yourself
  2. Rethink the role model you set for the world.
  3. You need to know what makes you overeat.
  4. Make simple changes to your daily life.
  5. Stay in touch with your "cheering section".
  6. Don't beat yourself up over little mistakes.
  7. Don't starve yourself to be fit.
  8. Remember that change takes time.
  9. Move around more than sitting around.
  10. Celebrate the weight lost for each day that you try to lose weight.