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Burning December

The Growing Fire

Unfortunately, on December 9th, there was a fire at the apartment complex on President St. It was has been identified that this tragic event was caused by bad wiring on the first floor, and in the basement. The damage was unbelievably large, especially on the last floor, the third. That 4 bedroom complex was nearly all burned down, all that was left is just a pile of ashes.

Sadly, two unlucky residents of the third floor did not make it. When the firefighters made through the scorching fire and reached the last floor, it had already been too late. The identification of the bodies are still going on but one of the unlucky residents was Liliana C. Motion. The other unlucky resident is known to be her husband, name is unidentified. Survived by Lili and Lonnie C. Motion, 4 and 7 years old.

These poor little kids, were not at the scene at the moment it happened, are left behind from their parents. They will be taken to be taken cared of from the near by church, but please consider adoption for these kids as they continue to live on without any parents. If you do consider adoption or know who can be an foster parent, please call the number below.

Back to the fire, it took about an hour to put down, and our local firefighters put up a great fight wresting with the ferocious growing fire. It had first started with an smell of smoke, one of the neighbors had said. The smell of smoke got worse and one by one the neighborhood peeked outside to see the horrific view, the three floor apartment on raging fire. One the first viewers of the fire had immediately called the firefighters for help.

The other residents of the now burned down building is now searching for new homes with the help of the local homeless shelter. Finding new homes had been a problem especially in the neighborhood the fire was by. Although people are adjusting to their new lives, we hope that nothing like that will happen again.

To adopt or to be an foster parent please call (627)285-3951

Picture Caption: The burning three-floor apartment

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Enchanting Book

Moon Over Manifest

The book "Moon Over Manifest" is defensively something you want to read. The book itself is enchanting but it is very appropriate for middle schoolers and you can learn a lot of different life lessons that can help you through out life.

One of the most interesting things that makes this book so unique is that it tells stories of the past that connect to the main character, Abilene Tucker. Basically, she is sent off to a town called 'Manifest' by her father to live with an old friend, where she learns what kind of a boy her father was with her friends (Ruthanne and Lettie) and some help from an old diviner. What makes the plot more interesting is that their is a spy involved, code name, "The Rattler". She also learns why she was sent to Manifest and it might have to do with her never seeing father again...

So you see, not only unique, it has a lot of twisted plots, very exciting adventures, and it tops it off with a load of friendship. One of the most excited plot that I saw was when Abilene, Ruthanne, and Lettie first found a spy map and letters. "A honest-to-good spy! cried Lettie as the three of us crouched behind the wooden indian in front of the hardware store".

In conclusion, I think hat you should really read this awesome book. I give it a 5 star grading. I truly think that you can enjoy this book as much as I did.

Picture Caption: On the top right corner, it is the book cover of "Moon Over Manifest".

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