Down Syndrome

Hailee Little


Down Syndrome is cause when you contain extra genetic material from chromosome 21. When fertilizing, a developing egg or sperm cell may divide incorrectly, sometimes resulting in an egg or sperm cell to have an extra chromosome 21. Now when the incorrect egg or sperm cell combines with a normal egg/sperm cell is results embryo has 47 chromosomes instead of 46.


A child that has down syndrome may have:

  • -Eyes that slant upward
  • -Small ears that may fold over a little at the top
  • -A small mouth, making the tongue appear large
  • -A small nose with a flattened nasal bridge
  • -A short neck
  • -Small hands and feet
  • -Low muscle tone
  • -Short stature in childhood and adulthood
  • Treatment?

    There is no found cure for down syndrome but taking folic acid can held reduce the risk of having a baby with problems dealing with their brain and spinal cord.

    Life Expectancy?

    Their life expectancy is around 60 years or older.
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    Important facts?

    1. As a mothers age increases so does the risk of having a baby with down syndrome.

    2. Children with down syndrome can attend school, they will undergo special classes to teach them in their own way and pace.

    3. A child with down syndrome can usually do all the activities a normal child can do