Dr. Avery Lieberman

A zquiet review

Dr. Avery Lieberman and his anti-snore device: A zquiet review

There are many snoring solutions available on the market today, which come in a multitude of varieties. There are aromatic oils that you rub under your nose before sleeping, nose plugs that you clip on opening your nasal air ways, bracelets that purportedly stop you snoring, and a whole raft of others. Some work – some don’t.

One of the most common and widely used snoring preventers showing up in the market today is a device called zquiet created primarily by Dr. Avery Lieberman. This device requires no medical assistance, surgery, or medication. It works straight out of the box, by fitting snuggly into the user’s mouth, making sure that the mouth is open enough during sleep to allow an unobstructed airflow and thus prevent the conditions that cause snoring.

The zquiet device is constructed as a single piece (no extra hinges attaching the top part to the bottom). Made from a thermoplastic elastomer which doesn’t contain latex or Bisphenol A (BPA), it has been FDA approved as being safe for human use and causes no irritation in the user’s mouth.

(The lower jaw section of the device pushes the user’s lower jaw out just slightly to improve the opening, at no cost of discomfort)

Coming with a 30 day money back guarantee at a reduced price ($9.95) makes it ideal for those who are not sure it is going to work for them. If, after the trial period, the user is satisfied with the product, they are then charged the full price of the device ($59.95). If not they simply throw the device away, there is no need to return it.

Any zquiet review wouldn’t be complete without listing some pros and cons of the device, here are a few:


Designed by a specialist sleep scientist (Dr. Avery Lieberman)

FDA approved

It is Comfortable.

Provides natural jaw movement


It is not permanent – it has to be replaced regularly

It is mainly only available in America

It can take a few days to get used to wearing it in bed.

Unsuitable for full denture users.

One major drawback with the zquiet device, is not the zquiet device itself, but the imitations that have sprung up of the back of the device’s success. With many sites (all showing the same zquiet reiew, documentation, and technical details) but offering sales of the device at greatly reduced prices. Users should be aware that these are not genuine devices and may be made of sub-standard material and quality control. You should only purchase your zquiet device from authorised stockists.

So, if you have a snoring problem (or your partner insists that you do), this reviewer says give zquiet a try – for the $9.95 trial price, you can at least show your partner you are trying.