Birmingham, UK Business Opportunity Presentation/Training

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Saturday, Sep. 20th, 6:30-9pm

"The Space" (Carter Room)(Above Hampton Hosiery), 17-19 Barr Street, Birmingham, B19 3EH

You believe what you see and hear, so dont become "3rd Party" to information which could change your life, literally! Dont go on "Hear Say", come and get first hand experience of what this business presentation is all about. Come and be with "Like Minded" people who have decided that their destiny lies within their own hands!!
6.30 - 7.00pm Mingle, Get Aquainted
7.00 - 8.00pm Intro to My Advertising Pays

- oOo B R E A K oOo -

8.00 - Video Testimonials

8.15 - FAQ's


NB: Its important that you reserve your seats a.s.a.p. RSPV: 079 329 260 54 / email:

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