Timberwolf Times

Vol. 1 Issue 3, August 8, 2018

A Message from Dr. Stone

It was so awesome seeing all the students at WOW today!

I am so excited for the new school year to begin!


Dr. Melinda Stone


WoodCreek Junior High

UPDATED: New School Start Time!

This year the school day is from 8:45 a.m. to 3:55 p.m. The front doors will open at 8:10. If you have to enter the building prior to 8:10 starting at 7:45 a.m., you need to enter through the cafeteria door in the back of the school. Students will not be able to enter the building in the back starting at 8:10, and traffic will be diverted to the front drop off drive.

If you are dropping off in the front drive, please pull all the way up and fill in all available space once 8:10 comes. This year we will use BOTH lanes and do a merge where the cones are at the start of the building. Please remember to use a "zipper" method and let each lane take a turn for cars to go in front.

First Day of School - Where Do I Go?

On the first day of school, once you enter the building, you will go to the cafeteria. Breakfast will be served starting at 8:10. All students will be released to go to class at 8:35 from the cafeteria.

All students will attend their Administrative Homeroom at 8:45 to pick up their official schedule and ID badge. Once Administrative Homeroom is over the students will follow the official schedule given to them that morning starting with first period. Administrative Homeroom is on the first day ONLY. Starting the second day of school and for the rest of the year, they will start their day off in 1st period. Administrative Homerooms are listed in the rotunda alpha by grade. You can click on the documents below to see, prior to the first day, where your child is supposed to go.

School Supplies - What do I do with all of these supplies?!

On the first day of school, the only thing your child needs to bring is a notebook and something to write with. Teachers will tell you what you need to bring on the second day of school. You do NOT have to bring bulk items such as paper towels, hand sanitizer, zip locks, etc. on the first day. You will bring those items in on Thursday and Friday of the 1st week of school along with any other school supplies that your teachers ask you to bring from the list that was provided.
Bus Schedules

This link will tell you where your child's bus will pick up and drop off and/or if your child is eligible to ride the bus.

Bell Schedule for 2018-2019

Click below to see our Bell Schedule for the 2018-2019 School Year!
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Wowapalooza Dance

This dance is only for WCJH students 6th - 8th grade. If you were unable to buy your ticket at WOW today, tickets will be sold at the door for $5.00. Parents are asked to drop off students at 6:00 p.m. at the back of the school and pick them up promptly at 8:00 p.m. at the same location. Dress is casual, school appropriate attire. Snacks, drinks and pizza rolls will be sold.
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August 9th

No Registration

Back to school Dance-Wowapalooza Dance

August 10th

Registration - 8am-12pm (K-12)

August 13th

Registration- 8am-12pm (K-12)

August 14th

9am-2pm Football Equipment Check Out (gym)

August 15th

1st Day of School

Open gym 4pm-5pm (girls)

August 16th

6:15am-8:30am Volleyball Tryouts (8th grade)

4pm-6pm Volleyball Tryouts (7th grade)

6:30am-7th grade Football Practice (fields)

7am-8th grade Football Practice (fields)

August 17th

6:15am-8:30am Volleyball Tryouts (7th grade)

4pm-5pm Volleyball Tryouts (8th grade)

6:30am -7th grade Football Practice (fields)

7am-8th grade Football Practice (fields)

August 20th

KATYISD POLICE WEEK- Mr. White is our security at WCJH!