Just announced!

Warped Tour Band #72

The Isms will be playing Warped Tour on the Kia Forte Stage.

Warped Tour

Thursday, June 19th, 11am

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Las Vegas, NV

Doors open at 11am, band schedule will not be announced until the day of the show. Doors close at 9pm.

Behind the Music: The Isms

Interviewer: So you guys are about six years into this band, could you tell me how the five of you, as a band and as friends, interacted with each other?

Capitalism: Well there was always some tension when it came to Militarism and Nationalism. One country would be proud of how efficient their military was and another would be really mad about their losses to that country.

Interviewer: Oh?

Capitalism: Yeah. We all got used to it pretty quick. Industrialism and Militarism... now that's a different story. Industrialism gave Militarism many advances when it came to warfare, such as poison gas, automatic guns, and tanks.

Interviewer: Have you ever had any confrontations with a fellow member?

Capitalism: None that I can think of... Although I do work quite well with Industrialism and Imperialism. Whenever I need raw resources and the like I always seem to turn to Imperialism for help... it seems that I never have all that I need to flourish. Industrialism helps me grow, when he influences things to be made, it leads to more capital. Yay us.

Interviewer: [laughs] Well it sounds like you three are quite the partners.

Capitalism: yeah. I suppose we are.

Interviewer: Well we've got to wrap this up. Anything else you'd like to say?

Capitalism: To all the fans.. Come see us play the Kia Forte stage at Warped, pick up our new album that just dropped, The Political Way of Life, and thanks for having me!