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Carpet Cleaning Using Ammonia

We can't prevent the occurrence of accidents and even the most careful people can experience spills in his or her carpet. Spots can be treated with the use of right cleaning products which are specially designed for carpets, but these are usually costly. If this products are not available when the spill take place, the stain must be treated immediately. You can used ammonia to clean your carpet thoroughly and this can lower your expenditure.

Listed below are the cleaning tips that you can follow every time you are having a carpet spills problem which needs an effective solution:

Mild Stain Cleaning

Ammonia can be used only when cleaning a spot and not for cleaning the whole carpet surface. Straight ammonia should not be applied into the carpet, as it can lighten the color of the fibers and allowing them to attract more dirt. Combine 2 tablespoon of ammonia into 1 cup of water when spot cleaning a stain. Use a clean soft cloth or sponge soak with the solution and squeeze it until it become damp. With all your strength, blot cleaning the carpet using your knuckles. Do not rub it roughly. After putting the ammonia cleaning solution, mix 2 teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent to 2 cups of lukewarm water. Blot the stain again with the use of either sponge or clean cloth. If the stains persist, repeat the process once more. Ensure to dry the carpet before using it again.

Deep Stain Cleaning

If the first process isn't successful in removing the stain, you need to try a more deeper cleaning method. Mix well 1/2 cup of fresh water and 1 tablespoon of ammonia. Pour the solution made in a spray bottle and spray it onto the affected area. Let it there for approximately 5 minutes. Place a clean soft cloth over the stained area. Using an iron which is on the low heat level, used it with the cloth and do some straight motion quickly. The hot temperature that reacts with the ammonia will loosen the stain. Avoid leaving the iron unattended on the affected area for quite some time because it can dissolve the carpet fibers.

If you can't do the cleaning methods provided above, you can hire a carpet specialist. Just visit here!