Chasing Vermeer


Plot summary

The plot of the story is that a priceless Vermeer painting is stolen and two kids, Petra and Calder, must use their skills and intellect to locate and retrieve the painting.

First three people (Mrs. Sharpe, Ms. Hussey, and Mr. Watch) receive mysterious letters and then the painting A Lady Writing gets stolen. Calder and Petra (who are in Ms. Hussey's class) go searching for the painting because they suspect Ms. Hussey had to do with it. They go to Mrs. Sharpe's house to get advice. Calder and Petra are both fantasized by pentominoes and a book called Lo!. Then they search the University of Chicago campus. Calder gets locked in the University basement. Later the two search delia dell hall where the find the painting. The thief chases them and Calder gets caught and Petra gets away. Calder escapes and they all live happily ever after.


Mystery: Petra and Calder solve the mystery of the stolen painting in the story.

Friendship: in the story Petra and Calder are great friends and care for one another



The story takes place in chicago. There are many places that the characters travel to such as the University of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago.