The Gilded Age


John Davison Rockefeller

John Davis Rockefeller was born June 8,1839 and passed away May 23, 1937 and he was Americas very first billionaire.He was also the person to invent the first standard Oil company.He invented in 1870 in Ohio.Rockefeller retired in 1897.

Samuel Gompers

Samuel Gompers was born on January 27,1850 and died Died on December 13,1924.He was the man that invented the AFL or American Federation of Labor in 1886 and was the president of it until his death.Some people thought he was a hero others thought he ruined th usa.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.He invented the telephone in 1876.He later became a member of the national geographic society in 1888.His invention was Influenced by both his mom and wife who were deaf.

Chinese laborers