Eastern Lowland Gorilla

The Wild beast

Definition of endangered And classification

A endangered animal is a species of wild animal or plant that is in danger.The eastern lowland gorilla or Grauer's gorilla is a sub species of eastern endemic to the mountainous forest of eastern democratic republic of Congo

Where the Eastern Lowland Gorilla lives

The eastern lowland gorilla can be found in the central tropical jungles of eastern and central Africa along with the lowland swamps. the eastern lowland gorilla is found in trees throughout the countries of Rwanda Uganda And parts of eastern congo

Off Springs

The eastern lowland gorillas tend to travel in large groups that are protected by the alpha male.The alpha male eastern lowland gorilla also mates with the females in his group producing normally 1 off spring.The eastern lowland gorilla babies remain with there mother until they are a few years old and become independent.

Predators and prey

gorillas stick to a mainly vegetarian diet,feeding, feeding on stems,bamboo shoots and fruits , lowland gorillas eat lots of fruits because its what there habitat provides for them The gorillas have thumbs that come in handy when the eastern lowland gorilla is eating fruit.Who are also known to travel vast distances to find the fruit they desires and need to survive in there habitat.Do to its large size the eastern lowland gorillas dosnt have very many predators the only real threat is cats such at the leapoard or the crocodile that are a real threat to the gorilla.

What you can do to help

The eastern lowland gorillas habitat is slowly being destroyed by commercial logging companies and the gorillas are loosing there homes and habitats and we need to stop the deforestation.and help stop poaching on these animals so they have time to reproduce and can be back to there normal population without poachers killing them for there meat