New Clients

Our guide to an easy experience with this law firm.

First of all, Thank You!

Thank you for choosing this law firm to accompany you in trial. If this will be your first time in trial, we appreciate your decision to go with us. This process is a very simple process with a few bumps along the road, and we will be will you every step of the way.

Step One

The first step in the prosecution process is determining what felonies have been committed. Since this law firm is a defense law firm, it has come to our understanding that you, as the defendant, have been summoned to court because of a plaintiff. We understand the you might make some complaints about the situation, but after your experience with us, I assure you that there will be nothing to complain about once the process is complete.

Before Court

Before the trial can come, you personally must decide which pleading you are going to make to the arbitrator. There must also be a pretrial conference that you must be willing to set time aside to participate in, for this will help in the upcoming trial.

During/After the Trial

During the trial it is possible to experience mediation, which will help resolve any possible disputes there might be. Before the verdict, it is necessary to have preponderance of evidence, which you must supply if you are attempting to win your case. If you are not happy with the out coming verdict of the trial, then you may appeal to a higher court, which you will have to discuss with your lawyer before this action is carried through.