Be Healthy: Don't do Drugs

Don't Huff Don't Puff Don't Ruin Your Life

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Stimulants... (speed up body)

Ecstasy- Can cause very high body temperatures.(112 degrees) Also, teeth grinding and clenching.

Methamphetamine- "Meth"; It is highly addictive, can cause severe dental problems, high body temperatures, and VIOLENT behavior.


For men- testicles may shrink, infertility, and breasts may develop.

For women- growth of facial hair and/or chest hair, and voice deepens.

For everyone- excessive acne, mood swings, paranoia, and "ROAD RAGE" (very angry and violent behavior)

Depressants... (slows down body)

GHB- Odorless, colorless, tasteless, liquid. It can cause a person to go unconscious.


House hold products (CLEANING SUPPLIES, GLUES, GASOLINE, COOKING SPRAYS, ECT - They can cause slurred speeches, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, loss of consciousness, brain damage,

if they are used for what there for they are not a danger


Heroin- It is highly ADDICTIVE: There are feelings of a "rush" and then drowsiness; they can lead to organ failures, blood clots, and numerous diseases.


PCP, LSD, "Shrooms"- Can cause you to do things that put your life in DANGER; there could be visual/ auditory breakdowns, where you are seeing/hearing things that aren't really there.


PRESCRIPTIONS, COUGH SYRUPS, ADVIL, ECT- You should always follow the recommended dosage. NEVER give your prescriptions to anyone- it can be fatal to others.

FDA- Food and Drug Administration- They check for safety and approve food and prescriptions to be sold.