A Monumental Mitzvah Effort

How you can help

It's a mitzvah

Flour dust, gooey fillings, sticky dough, and laughter abound in the Beth Shalom kitchen at this time of year. It is hamentaschen baking time!

  • But why bake so many that we need an assembly line?
  • Why does Sisterhood deliver packages of hamentaschen and other treats to our congregants at Purim?
  • Why is Sisterhood asking for donations to sign the Purim card that comes in each package?

The Book of Esther sets Purim as a holiday for rejoicing and feasting and sending portions of food to one another. The mitzvah of giving shalach manot ensures that everyone has festive Purim food for the holiday.

When you sign the Purim card and make a donation, bake hamentaschen, package shalach manot, or deliver packages to congregants, you help make this all happen. It is a monumental mitzvah effort . . . and an expensive one.

Between the shalach manot packages to congregants, college students and assisted living residents, the hamentaschen delivered to the religious school classrooms, and the hamentaschen handed out after Purim services, that’s a lot of hamentaschen! And a lot of flour, sugar, fillings, treats, bags, etc. Have you seen the price of canned filling lately?


Order hamentaschen: February 28

Add name to card: March ___

Volunteer to bake, assemble packages: Up until date of the activity

Volunteer to deliver packages: March ___

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