Credibility counts!

By: Bradley Risha

Summary "No suspension for Jay Football team"

Jay football team did not get suspended after two players rammed a referee for no reason they suspended the two kids not the team.

Is It credible

Yes, this source is credible because it is reliable. It is .org so you know it is reliable source. It is full of facts not opinions.

Summary "UIL panel hearing testimony about Jay football ref a hact"

Only four members of the committee are expected to attend the meeting, they could take action in the matter if they have enough info to do so. the 12 person state Executive committee rarely meets as a complete body, but it is expected to have a quarum when it convene at a time.

Is It credible

This source is not credible because you cant rely on it and it has lots of opinions. It also end in .com which is a non credible fact.

Witch one do you like better

I like the football one because with no big deal they solved there problems and it was all good for the school but not the kids.