All these events helped contribute to the creation of the Constitution; this is basically a timeline leading up to the Constitution.

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Olive Branch Petition (July 1775)

Written by John Dickinson, the petition asserted the colonist's loyalty to the king and asked him to call off hostilities until the situation could be worked out peacefully. - king George refused to look at the petition and said that the colonies were "open and avowed enemies"

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December 1775

Troops attacked at defeated Dunmore's forces near Norfolk, Virginia - leaving patriots in control

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Prohibitort Act (December 1775)

Ending all trade with the colonies and ordering the British Navy to blockade the coast.

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Common Sense (January 1776)

Written by Thomas Paine, he said that King George III was a tyrant and said that we should declare independence.

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July 4th 1776

The Continental Congress got together and issued the Declaration of Independence, making the colonies the United States Of America