Regan Wilcox and Annika Maakestad

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Geography 🌇

Something you should know about Utah is that it is in the Rocky Mountain area. The weather in Utah, like snow, wind, and heat, has shaped many cool rocks and arches. Kings Peak is the highest point in Utah. It is 4,103 meters off the ground! Pine trees and fir trees grow on the mountains. Utah is also part of the landmark called the Four Corners. Utah borders the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Recreation and Entertainment 🎿

When Utahns were looking for something to do in the past, some things they did were weave baskets, make pottery, and make clay figures. Nowadays, Utahns like to ride rafts down rivers. They also like to ski and snowboard down mountains. Some people like to go boating at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and explore fossils.


The first people in Utah arrived around 12,000 years ago. They were called the Paleo. The Spanish arrived in 1776. In the 1820's the Mountain Men arrived. Mountain Men trap animals for a living and explore the mountains. In 1913, the Strawberry River Reservoir was completed and in 2002, Utah hosted the Winter Olympics!

Fun Facts✈️

Did you know that Utah is nicknamed the Beehive State? Another fun fact is that according to 2014 records, the population of Utah is 2,230,856! Some basic facts about Utah is that the state capital is Salt Lake City, the state flower is the Sego lily, and the state bird is the California Seagull. The highest recorded temperature was 117*F and the lowest recorded temperature was -69*F way up in the mountains. Our final fun fact is that Utah was the 45th state to join the United States.