Digital Media

No ipod addicts in this house!

Weekend Person!

I am a weekend person. I use most technology on the weekends because I’m not allowed to have my iPod during the week, and I’m so busy with dance and driving around that I don’t have time to watch T.V. I usually watch T.V. on Saturday morning at 7:40ish because Kandis and Lily are laughing so loud that they wake me up. Having technology put to the weekend is good because then I can focus on dance and school.

Sisters (soooo loud and annoying)

Day:Saturday, What: Watching t.v./playing wii, When:8:15-9:55,7:50-8:40

On Saturday March 8, 2014 Kandis and Lily woke me up as usual by laughing so loud and they were watching T.V. so I joined them, until Kandis had to leave at 8:30. Lily and I kept watching until we went upstairs and that’s when we started our chores for the day. Then we had lunch and Kandis and my mom left to take Kandis to gymnastics. Lily and I went outside and I built a six man couch out of snow, and then we were called inside for supper. After supper we watched cat videos and played Wii.

My Favorite TV Series

DANCE ACADEMY!!! Soooo much drama in this series about high-school dancers in Australia who live, dance, and study together. Catch it on Netflix!