The First-Year Flyer

Helping You Through Your First-Year

Upcoming Events


10/4/14 10am @ Wash Park: Men's and Women's Cross Country

Other Events

10/1/14 All Day @ The Involvement Network or Various Campus Locations: Student Government Association (SGA) Elections

10/1/14 All Day: Wildcat Wednesday (wear your JWU gear!)

10/1/14: Distinguished Visiting Professor

Featured Event: Job and Internship Fair

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WIGIS Leader of the Month

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Kendra Gibbs (Comedy Corner)

The Selection Process: The WIGIS Leader of the Month is selected by the WIGIS Coordinators as a team. At the end of each month we will feature this leader in The First-Year Flyer.

Kendra has been chosen as the WIGIS Leader of Month because of her commitment to inclusion of all her WIGIS group members. Kendra has utilized innovative and effective strategies to make all her group members feel welcome and a part of her group.

Additional Shout Outs!

-Shout Out to Nori Karr for the work she has done individually with her WIGIS group members.

-Shout Out to Kaitlyn Hoffman for her positive attitude, endless energy, and organization.

-Shout Out to Cindy Giang for communicating with her group members in a timely and effective manner.

Roommates: Love them, Hate them, Live with them

For many of you, living with a roommate is a new experience. It may have been fun and exciting in the beginning but now that classes are picking up, your meeting more people, and are generally more confident about being at JWU, you may be encountering issues with your roommate. Here are helpful tips for living with your roommate.


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Now that you've got a few weeks at JWU done, you might be experiencing some feelings of being overwhelmed, whether with classes or your social life, struggles connecting with other students, or general anxiety over your ability to be successful at JWU. Do not fear! You are not alone and what you may be experiencing are symptoms of TRANSFER SHOCK.

Transfer shock is the struggle of adjusting to a new environment, specifically, an often more academically challenging environment. Many transfer students find that adjusting to a heavier course load, new academic expectations, and different class structure can prove challenging. We have some tips to help you overcome Transfer Shock:

*Get In a Routine: Find consistent hours and locations for studying and completing course work. The more comfortable you feel, the better quality studying you will get done.

*Prioritize Studying: Know what you need to study first and create a plan of how you are going to accomplish your studying. Take one thing at a time.

*Become Involved in Group Activities: Make sure you are balancing your time between class work and having a social life. Find study groups or student organizations that can support your academics while also having fun.

*Take Care of Your Health: Getting appropriate sleep and maintaining a healthy diet can help you stay focused and manage stress.