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Violent Video Games aren't Harming Children

What Violent Video Games Do Harm

"The only "harm" by video games in this case is not to minors but to the scientific community itself because it has insisted on an ideological position that increasingly has come at odds with the data." Says Justice Antonin Scalia. They don't hurt or damage kids at all, all the harm/damage is the scientific community.I don't understand why adults think that violent video ames are hurting or harming their kids.

Why Do Parents Think Violent Video Games Are Bad?

Parents think violent video games harm children by the gory, bloody scenes and moments. "Violent video games are all just negativity and bad violence. Kids need to surround themselves in positivity and a beautiful environment." My Mom said.

Why Violent Video Games Are Good

Violent Video Games Guaranteed Not To Harm Children Or People

Violent Video Games Are Good, And Fun To Play

Violent video Games are what are mainly played by todays generation. People all over the world play violent video games and of all ages too. You don't see people playing violent video games then think that they can be like the people in the video games that they played. So I think that violent video games are good for children and people and don't harm or disturb them at all!!!

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