Bacon's Weekly Bits

Friday, February 26, 2016


Well, we have a ton going on at LO. Did they tell you about our Civil War battle? The kids have expressed their preference to continue Math in the morning, so we are changing our schedule. This change also allows us to really explore inquiry learning. With inquiry learning, we are expected to take ownership and responsibility for our learning. Rather than direct instruction, we are asked to think about specific learning and construct recipes for learning. When we have a plan, or recipe, we attempt to follow our plan and evaluate our success. Sometimes are plans are not successful and we have to persevere. Perseverance may allow us to construct our own understanding or it may look like more guided instruction or prompts to help us figure out the process. It's amazing how this allows learners to excel or ask for additional assistance, as needed.

Math: Chapter 6 review and test; Chapter 7 - adding and subtracting fractions

Spelling: Unit 23


Reading - Informational review, CFA, and book clubs focusing on summarizing and theme

Writing - Opinion Feedback; writing prompts and point of view writing

Grammar - Review commonly confused words, prepositions, roots, prefixes, and suffixes

Social Studies - Civil War continued

Science - Landforms in Missouri and Natural Resources

Author Visit

Next week: In addition to learning it is our Visiting Author Week and to celebrate we will have spirit days.

Monday - PJ Day

Tuesday - Star Stickers

Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday (mismatch)

Thursday - Hats "off" to our visiting author

Friday - Wear Red and White


We are in need of a couple of items.

  • Clorox Wipes
  • 90% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Disposable cups
  • Paper Towels

Be the Change; It Starts with You

This week, we held a very reflective class meeting. The students were asked why they thought we would be having a class meeting, what problems they feel like we need to discuss, and how we are going to change to make our classroom, school and community better. We discussed our classroom environment and how we feel...are we happy to be here, are we listening with our heart, do we treat others the way we want to be treated, do we act out to get attention, do we follow expectations, do we let others learn, do we work collaboratively and help others, do we do the right thing even if no one is watching? We discussed our lunch, recess, and times outside of our classroom. This discussion is very real-world and sensitive so we are thinking about how we can make our classroom, Liberty Oaks, our homes, and our community a happier, friendlier place to be...starting with one I'm so excited to see how this changes our attitudes and turns our blahs into ah-has. The class meeting was very insightful and I was so impressed with the kiddos honesty and awareness. Following the class meeting, the students were given independent time to share "What do you want me to know?" privately via Google Classroom. I also took this opportunity to inquire about their friends, who they like to sit by and why. Again, I loved reading this feedback. In addition to giving your children a voice, I know who needs my attention.

Before our extra long, 4 day weekend...we read a book called "How Full is Your Bucket?" The theme of this book is kindness and how we treat people. It seems like at this time of the year, we are feeling very grumpy, tired, bored, etc. However, we are entitled to our feelings and we are in control of how we make others feel. So, the kids were asked to think about how we are acting and treating others in our classroom (and at school, in general). They came up with some great ideas. This weekend, I will be working our our Classroom Kindness Challenge. Look for more information to come soon.

Field Trip - Science City

Last week we sent home Parent Volunteer forms for our March 30th field trip. Today, we are sending home the permission slip. Please let me know if you do not receive this form and we will make sure another one comes home.