Redo of Rome Republic Project

By: Stevie Williams, Jaden Galang, Ciara Mattson



Two consuls with civil and military authority.They became senators after they held office for one year.


Senate was made up of about 300 who will serve for life. Ex-consul members and other officer drew the ranks of the many senates.The assembly of centuries was made of members of an army voted and elected consuls.The assembly of tribes rejected laws and decided issues which contained all citizens.


The judicial branch had 6 judges elected every 6 years. They came up with punishments for criminals who were caught.Their job was similar to the job of the judicial branch in the U.S.

Rome's Government and United States' Government

Ancient Rome and United states are alike and different. They are alike because they both have 3 branches of government, executive, legislative, and judicial. They are also alike because, to vote, the citizens must be 18 and/or older. They are alike because they both have elected leaders. They are different because, in the legislative branch, Rome has 300 members in it’s senate, but in the U.S. we have 100 members. We are also different because the legal code in Rome is referred to as the 12 tables. However; in the U.S it is called the U.S. constitution. Lastly, they are different because, in the executive branch in Rome they have 2 consuls elected to run for 1 year, but for the United States we elect a president that runs for 4 years.