Is someone taking you Identity ?

Call 614-911-9110 to report the theft

How does Identity Theft work ?

Identity theft is when a theft steals your personal information. These thieves take your name, social security number, or credit card. They use these things to reach your taxes, medical, bills ,etc.

How to prevent Identity Theft

  • Secure your SSN
  • Dont respond to unsolicited requests for personal information
  • Pay attention to bill cycles
  • Store personal information in a secure place at home
  • Shield your passwords at ATMs or computers

Who gets affected by this theft?

You. If your identity gets stolen then your responsible for contacting support. Getting your identity stolen sets you back because the person who hacked you could spent your money. You have to go through a long process of getting your identity back.

Do you think the average person would fall this ?

This theft can happen to anyone. Once you slip up, theirs nothing you can do besides call and report it.

Who does this theft target

It will target anyone that is easy accessible. They will also target anyone that slips up and doesn't protect there personal information. If you arent careful with your personal information, you have a higher chance of being targeted.

When does this theft happen?

This theft can happen at any time. If you don't pay attention to your bank then people could get away with a lot of money. Anyone could take your identity if you're careless with your information.

What makes this theft believable?

Usually, you'll get a email or something asking for your personal information making it believable. For example, they will ask you to buy something and you'll have to fill out your name and credit card. That's how they get your information.

What does this scam rely on to be successful?

This scam relays on greediness. Either on you or the person doing this crime. They could be in desperation mode and do whatever they can for money. You could be greedy with rushing because you're in a hurry and drop your card or anything.
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