Team Steamrollers Newsletter

July 2013

The Holiday Season is approaching....

Are you ready to fill your calendar for the Holidays? Here are a few tips to help you fill your calendar.

1. Spend 20 mins a day on the phone contacting past hostesses/customers and event leads. Let them know there will be a new product launch in the Fall.

2. Always be prepared with

– Take Out Menus

– Business Cards

– Information about the company, becoming a hostess and the business opportunity

3. • Look for vendor events (Facebook,, City websites)

• Join the local Chamber of Commerce

• Social media announcements on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Etc...

4. Last but not least, Wear your locket EVERYWHERE you go! Whether you are going to the post office, to the dry cleaners, your child's sporting event, WEAR YOUR LOCKET. You are your own FREE advertisement.


The September team meeting will be held in the Beaumont, CA area on 9/22. We have yet to establish a location but please save the date.

Designers and MAN-Ziners,

Get to know you customers/hostesses. Build a relationship with them. Ask questions about their family, hobbies, occupations, how long they've been married, etc.. Build that emotional bond with them and share information about yourself as well.

Always take notes. This will help you more than you'll ever know. With these notes, you will be able to send them a card for their birthday, end of school year (if they are a teacher) etc.. Personalized notes are one of the best things you can send to your customers.