Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics


Gregor Mendel was born in the Czech Republic, and he became a well know scientists in the field of Genetics.

Early Years

In Mendel's early years his family was poor, he spoke 2 different languages, And failed exams over 4 times.

Also he gifted child, he was sent to boarding school, he was able to make good relationships, And he finished his degree in 1853.


He used data to see if the plants changed

Before tests.

  • The shape was round
  • The color was green
  • The pods were long
  • The shape went to angular
  • The color changed to yellow
  • The pod became short
So what this data shows that Mendel was correct the the plants can get the same as the others but it may vary from plants to plant.


His foundation of his experiment was to figure out if heredity was able to be passed down through genetics.



Is when The trait cannot be over powered


is the weaker trait that has to have 2 of the same to be able to see

Experimental Design

Gregor Mendel Studied heredity by

  • using pea plants to see if they would end up the same
  • Or to see if the plants changed after the experiment
  • Also to see of the first plant has any differences than the second plant