Quarter 2 News

Mrs. D'Alonzo - Spencerport High School

English IV

In English, we just finished our research unit as well as our midterm! We are currently reading Macbeth and will be doing a Socratic seminar to finish the unit. This will be the second time these students participate in such a seminar and we will be looking at strategies and ways to improve ourselves from last time! Upcoming units include: Speeches and presentation, Literature Circles: Hoot, and Critical Literacy: Taking Positive Action in your Life and Community.

Senior project final papers are due on January 22!

Living Environment

In living environment class we are finishing up the Human Body Systems Unit. We will be moving on to topics like reproduction, genetics, and evolution very soon!

*The Living Environment MIDTERM IS JANUARY 29, 2015 AT 8:00AM!!!*

Castle learning reviews are online for the midterm and will be graded. We are focusing on literacy within the science classroom, as well. In order to do this we have argument essays related to topics we are currently learning about. An essay on the ebola virus is the most recent literacy based assignment the students have done.