Bethany Hamilton

by:Emma Deppeler

Have you ever seen a shark ? Well Bethany Hamilton has. In fact she got her arm bit of by one! I feel bad for Bethany. I would be scared to surf again.

Bethany Hamilton was born February 8, 1990. Bethany's parents started to teach her to surf when she was 1! she came from a family of surfers. They all LOVED surfing! They lived by a beach and they went there almost every day . Did you know Bethany realized

her dream in 2007. It was to turn in to a pro surfer. Bethany was home schooled.

Did you know Bethany was only 13 When her arm got bit off. Bethany is known for surviving a shark attack. Bethany is an American professional surfer. Her arm got bit off October, 31,2003.Bethany lost over 60% of her blood! Can you believe getting your arm bit off by a 14 to 15 foot tiger shark?I think it would creepy. Alana her BFF was there to help her the whole way. Along with her brothers Noah and Timothy and her parents Cherilyn and Thomas.
After you heard about that, would you want to have your arm get bit off ? I know I would not want to.


Sharks only bite you because they mistake you for a seal.
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This is Bethany Hamilton and her BFF Alana Blanchard on the beach.


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