Little Rock Nine

September 25, 1957

What was the Little Rock Nine?

The Little Rock Nine was in September of 1957 when nine African American students enrolled into the segregated Little Rock Central High School. When the students began to go to school they were denied access by state police ordered to keep the African American students out of the school ordered by Arkansas' governor, Orval Flaubus. The students were unable to enter the school until the intervention of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

How was the Little Rock Nine related to the Civil Rights Movement?

It was related to the Civil Rights Movement because schools were beginning to become integrated with black and white students. It was a push towards equality and a step toward freedom for the African American citizens.

Why was the Little Rock Nine a success?

The Little Rock Nine was a success because African American students had been integrated into a segregated school that was originally just for white students. It led to other southern states to start integrating their schools as well. It was a success for the African American community as a whole because it was ending segregation.

Problems caused by the Little Rock Nine

There were many problems caused by the Little Rock Nine. Racism was becoming even more of a problem in the south with angry whites and the KKK causing many violent attacks on black people. Even with the desegregation African Americans were still seen as Second Class citizens

How does the Little Rock Nine connected to the world today?

The Little Rock Nine is connected to today because students of all races are now integrated into all public schools across the United States. A negative relation to today is that there is still racism going on in many places across America. Just like the Little Rock Arkansas, there are violent attacks caused by racism in cities like Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri.
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How I feel about the Little Rock Nine

Personally, I think the Little Rock Nine was a good thing because it was a push toward freedom and equality for all races in America. Because of the Little Rock nine, students can go to together now as equals. I do feel that the nine African American students were horribly mistreated as well. The students should have been able to join the other students in the school without being troubled by police and having the government become involved just so they could go to a school.
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