36 hours

Algiers, Algeria by: Adam .M. Dye

The city on the sea

Algiers, Algeria is a beautiful city made right on the cost of the Mediterranean sea. In this article I will be visiting Algiers Algeria for 36 hour and telling you the best things to do on your stay at this great city.

Events and stuff to do

In Algiers i noticed a gigantic variety of things to keep me occupied for the weekend those include.

-site seeing

-swimming at the beach

-gambling at one of the casinos

-visit the temples and mosque

-museum of arts and popular traditions

-shopping at the malls and markets

-night concerts

-dance clubs

-rideing the tour bus


36 hours

I started my journey after landing and checking into my beautiful hotel room with an amazing view of the sea. After a short nap due to jet lag i began with a day at the beach the warm sands of the Mediterranean sea was amazing. After soaking up my vitamin C i went site seeing at the temples churches and mosques. Then when my night was winding down i decided to fill up at one of the many 5 star restaurants and then i hit the casino for some responsible gambling. This concludes my 36 hour journey of Algiers, Algeria.