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November 2, 2020

November is a Month For GRATITUDE

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Hybrid Model in Full Swing

As you know, our school transitioned to a hybrid model this past Thursday. So, by now, all students who are set to attend JTMS in person should have been in the building at least once. While it is exciting to be with friends and teachers you may have been waiting to see for months, the experience may be a bit different than you imagined it would be. A positive attitude and enthusiasm will help make everything go more smoothly. What is your mindset? Try to be open to the good things that are happening. AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE is a great way to start Thanksgiving month!

Back in the Building: Keep Safety First!

Welcome back into our school! We know that it can be hard to maintain social distancing when all you want to do is hug a buddy, give a high five to a teammate, or whisper a secret to your best friend. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making to keep our school and community safe! Every time you make sure that your mask covers your nose and mouth or slow down in line to stay distant from a classmate in line, you are showing your kindness towards others and your responsibility to the community. Washing your hands protects you, of course, but it also protects your teachers, and the family members of everyone in the building. We may be at least six feet apart, but we are all working together to keep Jefferson healthy!
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Vocabulary Review: Synchronous, Asynchronous, Cohort, Remote, Routine

Now that many students have returned to JTMS for in-school learning, two days per week will be synchronous (that means “at the same time”) with your teachers and your class, two days will be asynchronous (that means “at a different time”). It depends which cohort (that means “group that stays together”) you are in. If you are in the Jefferson cohort, your synchronous days are Tues/Fri and for the Falcon cohort, it’s Mon/Thurs whether you are in the building or learning remotely (that means “from a distance”).

Did you know that the last day of the first marking period is November 10th? That means you have less than two weeks to make sure that your work is all completed and your grades are where you want them to be.

Now is the perfect opportunity to improve your skills at working more independently. Establish a healthy routine (that means “a schedule of things that you do the same way every time, or a habit”). To stay healthy, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy foods, getting exercise and going outside. Set up a reasonable bedtime and wake up time, and a time for each healthy activity. For school, keep your schedule near your work area and follow it, whether it’s a synchronous or an asynchronous day. That way, you’ll keep learning and you’ll keep up. As Stephen Covey wrote in his book, The Leader in Me, Put First Things First I spend my time on things that are most important. This means I say no to things I should not do. I set priorities, make a schedule, and follow my plan. I am organized.

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Essentials with Miss Ellingsen

Mindful Breathing

Mindfulness focuses on the importance of being present. It can be difficult to stay “present” when you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or upset but practicing mindful breathing for even just a few minutes can help you feel better and stay “present” throughout your day. When you get a chance, check out this short video and practice your breathing this week!
3-minute Mindful Breathing Meditation (Relieve Stress)

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