It's a PD Life

A biweekly, FYI on PD & iPads. For CTE/CSE Staff only!

A Note from Luke

Every month, the Academic Teachers and I will be taking the time to put together a brief FYI of all the great things that are going on in the CTE and SCE world.

Recent PD!

With our Daily Learning objectives workshops behind us, please reach out to your building administrative team and then the academic team if you feel you need further follow up.

Thinking Maps are fun!!!!

Thinking Maps training has begun and will be offered throughout the school year. Adam Fachler and Lucas will be providing PD and facilitating collegiate circles for all to attend. Be sure to check My Learning Plan for dates.

App of the WEEK!!!!!!!!!

iTranslate Voice is one of the most stable and user friendly translation apps on the market. This app can be used to translate phrases or single words from and into many different languages. Our field test discovered it does not work well in a classroom setting, as it lacks the ability to keep up with the teacher during class discussion. Therefore, a full translation for our ELL students is out of the question. However, when speaking one to one it may give you the words you need to break the language barrier and engage students.

Fall is here!

As we enter our 7th week of the school year, the weather and the leaves are changing. It is hard to believe the holidays are coming fast. The Google Drive and Thinking Maps accounts have been set up for all students and sent out via Google Drive. Open your Google Drive account, click on the Shared With Me, and look for a file titled 16-17 Google & Thinking Maps Accounts. If you have students that are left off your roster please let Lucas know at so they can be added.


It would be impossible to highlight all the amazing events that happen within CTE and SCE, however from time to time would like to focus on an outstanding group of staff and students that were caught doing something great. If you would like to share an outstanding event in your building please reach out and let us know.

Your Academic and Curriculum Team

Irene LoDolce - BTC & WTC

Maureen Conners - MTC, BTC & WTC (pictured)

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