The Cost of Living Successfully

How the Ultimate Debt of Pursuing a Dream is Losing Yourself

The Struggle

"Life isn't fair!" This staple aphorism that parents are forced to tell their kids has as much truth as it does sadness to the ears of kids. The Disney lie of "wishing upon a star" to achieve your dream has flooded the minds of youth since the 1970's and now people are blind to what a person really has to do to reach their goal. They must lose themselves in what they want. They have to change their standards, the motives, their personality, their body, and more times than not their mind to be the best.

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Alex Mac Nicoll

Losing Yourself in Mind by Alex Mac Nicoll

Losing Yourself

When someone loses themselves, they lose everything. All experiences, their personality, their values, and anything that makes them unique compared to the outside world. Sadly today our world is governed by those who do not appreciate what people have to offer and often times to pursue a dream of being successful, people have to of course change who they are and not have a carry of what they are leaving behind in doing so. People are forced to give up so much just to make it seem that life is fair to them.


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