Zombie Project

By Jaemin and Tigger

3 Locations

Albion Michigan

Adelaide Australia

Honolulu Hawaii

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Adelaide Austrailia

Resources in Adelaide

  • Wildlife
  • Wind
  • Timber
  • Little bit of rain
  • Ocean Currents
  • Arable Land
  • Some fertile land
  • (Other Resources)bauxite, coal, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, silver, uranium, rare earth minerals, natural gas, etc.

Why would we need these resources

We need these resources because these are the basic resources needed to survive. By using these resources we could survive during a zombie apocalypse. For example we could use timber for fire, and arable land for farming.

How these resources are used in different cultures

Since there are Aboriginals in Adelaide will be the cultural group we explain about. If an aboriginal group were to come across these resources, they would probably use them differently than we would use today. For example, arable land the aboriginals might grow some other type of vegetation, while maybe another person might grow something totally different that what an aboriginal would grow.

How would the world survive with these resources

People of the world would need these resources badly because these are the basic resources needed to survive. But the other resources, would not be needed during a zombie apocalypse but they are used today, when there is no zombie apocalypse, and we still use the basic resources too.

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Honolulu Hawaii

Resources in Honolulu

  • Ocean Fish
  • Strong Ocean Currents
  • Wind from the ocean
  • Fertile soil
  • Vegetation(fruits,vegetables,etc)
  • Volcanoes(creates fertile land)
  • Rain
Why we need these resources

Hawaii has more fertile land than Adelaide which is important because with fertile land you can farm and get renewable resources. And there are more edible ocean fish in Honolulu than Adelaide. There is not that much wildlife that lives on land. Not as many animals as Australia. In Hawaii it rains a lot more than Adelaide. Adelaide is more of a drier location. There is one downside of Hawaii, there are no mineral deposits or valuable minerals such as gold, iron, uranium, etc.

How these resources are used in different cultures

The people who currently live in Hawaii and are citizens, if they had arable land they might grow fruits. Since Hawaii is in a tropical area, tropical fruits are good for farming and growing there. Now if another group of people who grew things differently, they might grow some vegetables instead of fruits.

How would the world survive with these resources

Hawaii would be a good place for the world to thrive resources in. It has all the basic needs of survival, but for the modern world to survive in Hawaii, there would have to be a lot more valuable resources. Because the modern world uses so much of those valuable resources that people would go crazy without them.

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Albion Michigan

Resources in Albion

  • Forrest
  • Timber
  • Rivers and lakes
  • Bush
  • Wildlife
  • Fresh Water Fish
  • Vegetation
  • Fertile land
  • Coal
  • Jewelry
Why we need these resources

This location I think is the best because it has all the basic resources and a little extra resources that are not necessarily needed during a zombie outbreak. It has wood(forests and timber). There is fertile land that comes from the flooding of rivers. There are lots of land wildlife and good vegetation. There are a few coal mines near the area of albion but not in albion. But the one downside is that a lot of times there are fires starting because the weather is so dry and not humid. Small bushes get on fire easily.

How these resources are used in different cultures

A long time ago Native Americans lived in the Area of Albion Michigan. Back then they had different ways of thinking and developing, so for example they made jewelry of things that we would through away today. They might have farmed differently too.

How would the world survive with these resources

These are all resources that the world could live with and be happy with. That is why we picked this location for our project.

Differences and Similarities


-Honolulu is humid but Albion and Adelaide is more dry

-Albion has more forests but Honolulu has tropical woods

-Albion has fresh water fish, Honolulu has salt water fish

-Honolulu receives a lot of rain but Adelaide and Albion don't get that much


-Honolulu and Albion has a lot of fertile land

-All 3 locations have animals

-All 3 locations have a source of timber

-All 3 locations have a source of water