by : Heidi

What does your name mean?

Quaternary means in geologic history of earth, a unit of time within the Cenozoic Era 2,588,000 years ago.

How many millions of years ago did this time period start ? when did it end ?

It began about 1.8 million years ago and is still going on today but its a much shorter period than the others.

What were the continents located at that time ?

The continents did not move they are where they are now

What was the climate / environment like during your time period ?

Climate was cold there was huge glaciers covering as much as one third of earth surface there was also ice sheets this made enormous changes in the climate and in the environment which forced animal and plant life to adapt. But the earth was warming up from previous ice age the glaciers were melting which was causing land to form and the earth to heat up.
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What types of living things began during that time?

There was different type of animals such as

- Mammoths

- Giant bison

- Woolly rhinoceros

- Saber toothed cats

- Cave bares

- Dire wolves

There was not much plant life on earth because earth was still covered in snow