Oskar Schindler

Overview of Holocaust

It was the systematic state-sponsored murder. Jews and others by the Nazis during World War 2. Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate all Jews. That was a part of the plan for him to conquer the world. Nazis systematically killed millions of other people who Hitler regarded as racially interior. Hitler didn't just want to rule Germany he wanted to rule the whole European countries.

Definition/Background Information

Why was Oskar Schindler important during the holocaust? Oskar Schindler was born on April 28,1908 and died October 9,1974. He was very important because he saved nearly 1,200 Jews and employing them to factories and other things as well. Schindler collected information for the Nazis and working in Poland in 1939. That is why Oskar Schindler was important during the holocaust.

Original Research Question

Why was Oskar Schindler relevant during the Holocaust?


"I was now resolved to do everything in my power to defeat the system"

-Oskar Schindler


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