AVID the best expirence

By Hannah Brady

Who grew this semester?

This semester, I have had a lot of progress on my talking skills, presentation skills, and studying skills. It could really help when I get in college! Hopefully, when I get to college, I will get better at doing Cornell notes,presentations, and organization. http://www.vapld.info/kids/books-and-reading

How did these strategies help me?

I became less shy then I use to because of presentation skills and talking skills. I am still shy, but not as much as I use to. Studying skills made me better in many subjects I was doing bad in. http://www.vapld.info/kids/books-and-reading

Special events!

Our special events in avid, are not only fun, but very helpful to people that aren't as fortunate as the rest of us! We've went to pack can goods for people who couldn't get anything for thanksgiving and Christmas! So in reality, avid also helps with our generosity! http://coble.mansfieldisd.org/

How do I feel about avid?

I feel avid can do a lot for an individual. Avid teaches you how to be successful in College and the real life world. Avid has helped me become more social and helped me learn more on subjects I was doing terrible in, and I'm very thankful for that. http://www.tacoma.k12.wa.us/giaudrone/Pages/AVID.aspx

Whats the best about avid?

The best part about avid is the writing! I love to write or type stories, and avid uses that in a educational way, which makes it better for me. I can also work on my writing skills, such as correct grammar and proper usage of commas,hyphens,etc. http://www.digitalfx.tv/avid/

What helped me the most?

I think that tutorials help me the most. I have improved in math because of tutorials! If you pay attention and present your TRF then I promise you it will help! http://fmsavid.weebly.com/tutorials-and-trfs.html

Next semester

Next semester, I will try my best to get better grades, and present more in tutorials. I want to get higher grades. Some of them I just cant deal with.