The Holy Land

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Three Nights At The Herods Hotel and Spa, Eilat

According to legend, magic waters from the Vitalis Spring welled up from the sand at the foot of the mountains where the desert meets the sea. On this site today stands the Herods Hotel and Spa Eilat. Surrounded by the same primeval magic of majestic mountains, endless sky, and the quiet beauty of the Red Sea, Herods Hotel and Spa Eilat blends the experience of nature with the sophistication of a grand resort.

The History of Israel

According to the Bible, Israel is the name given by God to Jacob. The modern country of Israel includes two distinct nationalities, the Palestinian and the Jewish. Each nationality is complex from its religious identity. The Palestinians are Arabs whose traditions are founded in Muslim culture; the Jews define their culture in large part around their religion as well. Each group identifies as part of a larger, international religious and cultural community, and each has a history in the region that goes back to ancient times.

The Religion Of Israel

Judaism is the religion of the majority of citizens and according to the country's Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2005 the population was 76.1% Jewish, 16.2% Muslim, 2.1% Christian, and 1.6% Druze, with the remaining 3.9% not classified by religion.

There are many important religious historical landmarks in Israel; many of which we will discover through our trip.

The Culture Of Israel

With over 200 museums, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world, with millions of visitors annually. Major art museums operate in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Herzliya, as well as in many towns and Kibbutzim. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra plays at venues throughout the country and abroad, and almost every city has its own orchestras, many of the musicians coming from the former Soviet Union. Folkdancing is popular in Israel, and Israeli modern dance companies, among them the Batsheva Dance Company, are highly acclaimed in the dance world. The national theatre, Habima was established in 1917. Israeli Filmmakers and actors have won awards at international film festivals in recent years. Since the 1980s, Israeli literature has been widely translated, and several Israeli writers have achieved international recognition.

Your Itinerary

  • Monday - 9:00-12:30 = The Dome of The Rock - 1:00-4:30 = Yad Vashem
  • Tuesday - 9:00-12:30 = Bethlehem - 1:00-4:30 = Qumran
  • Wednesday - 9:00-12:30 = Israel Museum - 1:00-4:30 = The Church of The Annunciation
  • Thursday - 9:00-12:30 = The Wailing Wall - 1:00-4:30 = Siebenberg House
  • Friday - 9:00-12:30 = The Via Dolorosa