Tales2Go Releases iOS v4.0

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We have a brand new app!

Check out our new iOS app, with lots of new goodies. In addition to a complete redesign, including book cover images in the returned lists, we are introducing technology which allows students to listen to an audio book on a device at school, place a bookmark and then pick back up where they left off at home on their personal device. We also added multi-variable search, making the process of discovery easier. For example, listeners can search for titles in the Characters and Series genre, at a 3rd to 5th grade level, to find their just right book.

Tales2Go in Action

With permission, we're sharing this YouTube video from Julie Wannigman, a special education teacher at Albany Elementary School in Minnesota. The above four students have been using Tales2Go as a core element of their literacy program. The students had a lot of success using Tales2Go, so much so that Julie taped them during a presentation she arranged for the rest of the school staff on the benefits of adding a listening component to reading instruction. Thanks, Julie!

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