Perfect Game

Fred Bowen

Main character: Isaac

Isaac is a pitcher trying to get a perfect game. But there is a problem concentration. He is a 13 year old boy that is trying to make the baseball team.
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Symbol 1

Baseball Because Isaac is a pitcher on his summer baseball team. All summer he has been trying to get a perfect game. He has gotten really close but his team made an error.
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Symbol 2

Skateboard Because he rides his skateboard home from games and when he needs to think. When he is skateboarding he is thinking about how he could have gotten the no hitter.
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Symbol 3

Basketball because he helps at a special needs basketball team. The coach for the team is his baseball coach.


"practice does not make perfect perfect practice makes perfect.

Character Pillar

Respect he learned to respect his baseball team, and the special needs team he helps with. He has made the team more confident in themselves since the time hes been there.