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Approved: April 8, 2016

Ornithology Class and Incredible Insects!

The students shared their Alabama Bird Research information before Spring Break. What a great job they did! I videotaped each child and am working on loading them on my website. The students kept "notes" as each child shared and were able to make comparisons to their own birds. Some wonderful learning was going on! The students will use this research to prepare a "habitat" for you to view at Open House in May. I can't wait for them to share with you what they have discovered.

We did some intense investigation of a couple of insects -- the honeybee and the ant. While the honeybee seemed like a very useful insect (the kids all liked honey), the ant seemed like just a pest. We found out that was not the case. Ants are very helpful and play an important part in our world. And boy are they strong! As we were studying ants, the students got to practice using "picture research." When they were decided upon an insect they wanted to study, they used "picture research." Everyone did a nice job. After they finished, it was time to teach the class. Each student shared at least three interesting facts about their insect. I learned a lot about aphids during this study and I think the students learned some new information as well.

We worked on organizing our Big Backyard portfolios and they are full of amazing work. I hope it will be a project they'll want to keep for a long time.

This next week will be a launch of the study of amphibians and reptiles. We will do an in-depth study of an Alabama amphibian and reptile. We'll add these animals to our habitat display too.

We had another art collaboration with Mrs. Scott. We finished our clay birds which correlated with their Alabama Bird Research bird. The details they included and their attention to color when painting made them seem almost lifelike.

We did a refresher of weather and had a visit from James Spann. He really knows how to catch the students' attention, shares valuable information and dispels some misconceptions they have about severe weather. It was an informative visit!

Fun Run was a great success! Everyone made the lap limit and we collected almost all our pledges by the deadline. Thank so much for your generosity towards our school and the encouragement for the children.

Kindergarten registration packets for 2016-2017 are now available in the both elementary school offices, the Board of Education and on the Trussville City Schools website. Please spread the word to any upcoming kindergarten students and their families.

The April lunchroom reservation link is:

Important Dates

April 22 -- Earth Day

April 26 -- Old Baker Farm Field Trip

May 2 -- Open House and Music Program

May 11 -- Ruffner Mountain Nature Center Field Trip (more info later)


RL.K.2 RL.K.9; RF.K.1a-d; RF.K.2.a and d; RFK.3a-c; W.K.3; W.K.7; W.K.8; SLK.2; SLK.5; SLK.6; LK1.a; LK.2a-d; KCC.1; KCC.2; KCC.4; KCC.5; KCC.6; K.OA.1, 2 and 3.

What's Happening Next Week?

We'll be learning about amphibians and reptiles. The students will share their small group research. Our next art collaboration begins -- making bird feeders from recycled materials. We'll be working on word families, sight words, and phoneme segmentation (breaking words into individual sounds). In math, we'll continue addition, subtraction and recognizing numbers above 10 as a set of 10 and some ones. School will be out in no time.