Nord's Newsletter

February 8-12, 2016


The students survived their 1st Iowa Assessment tests. They worked really hard on the tests and stayed focused to do their best. After make-ups have all been taken, the tests will be mailed in. The results will be sent to the schools later this spring.

Back to Wonders we go. The essential question for the week is "How can you use what you know to help others?" In class, we will talk about using our talents to help others can help build confidence in yourself. Everyone has a special talent or skill they can share with others. When talents are shared or help others, it can be fun.

Asking and answering questions while reading will be the comprehension strategy this week and along with determining the narrators point of view.


Students will be tested over Unit 6 either Wednesday or Thursday.


Last week, we wrote our pen pals during science and had buddies, so not much science was happening. We will continue our classification of reptiles.

Craft with Our Kindergarten Buddies

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RED Out Day

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Congressman David Young Visits

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Schedule for the Week

Monday: Art and Libray

Tuesday: PE
**Pump-it Up Night 6:30-8:00**

Wednesday: Music
**Late Start**

Thursday: Guidance and Computer Lab

Friday: PE
**Valentine Party @ 2:45**

Snow Much Fun

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