Dameron Marsh Natural Area Preserve

Mrs. Ford's 6th Block class

Damerons Marsh Natural Area Preserve

The 316-acre Dameron Marsh Natural Area Preserve is one in a series of protected lands that line the western and eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. This preserve contains one of the most significant wetlands on the Chesapeake Bay for marsh-bird communities, and its pristine beach habitat is highly important for the federally threatened northeastern beach tiger beetle. Dameron Marsh supports impressive salt marsh communities, sand beach, and upland forest habitats. Damerons Marsh is 37* 46'54.84"N laditude and 76* 17'57.12"W longitude. The Department's Chesapeake Bay Region Steward oversees the management and restoration activities at the preserve, monitoring marsh and shoreline habitats for birds, tiger beetles, and other natural heritage resources. It is 1.5 miles away from the Chesapeake Bay.

Price and how to care for

The price for this 316 acre preserve is $148,000. You would need to care for this area because its a preserve where other people bring their families for a great time so keep up with the lake and the grounds and make sure always families are happy and love to come and enjoy the preserve.



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