Where is Middle Earth



The landscape of Finland has grasslands that go on for where the eye can see beyond the horizon, but they also have icy, cold parts too. The cold parts of Finland are made up of ice on trees, and glaciers in the lakes.


The main language spoken in Finland is Finnish. The language is spoken by 91% of the population there. 5.4% of the population speak Swedish, and the rest of the population speak languages that are fairly close to northern Germanic languages.


Finland's culture is mostly made up of indigenous heritage. The country is also made up of common European culture. Even though that these two cultures are very common in Finland, there are many cultural differences in Finland, also. Such as how many Finns are connected to the countryside and nature, and how they're very emotional about it.

Finland Is A Perfect Region To Be Middle Earth

Finland is the perfect place to be known as middle earth because for one thing, this place all types of forecast and weather going on. Such as snowy days, or super hot days. In Finland during winter, there are mountains filled with slopes of snow, and steep hills that go on for miles on the mountains. Finland is also perfect to be known as middle earth because of its setting. The setting (place and time) that Finland is in reminds me of a paradise type place, and that's what middle earth is, paradise.

Why Finland is the Perfect Example for Middle Earth

I think that Finland is the best place out of the whole world to be middle earth because there is no other place that can look as presentable as Finland. This is because of its scenery, and because of the fact that it takes place in Europe. Which is one of the most historical places on earth.

My Conclusion

Overall, Finland is a perfect example of Middle Earth because of the setting. The setting reminds of how middle earth should look, such as the valleys and mountains. Even though the setting is a big apart of why its perfect to be middle-earth, there is also the color everything there too. For example, of how the forests look in spring, or how the lakes are so white, and frozen.