19th Century Industrialization

Advantages of Industry Growth For Women


Welcome to a window through time! Here you will see information about the industrial growth and how it benefited citizens in that time period.

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By the end of this flyer, you will be able to analyze the benefits 19th century Northern manufacturing gave people and the economy as evidenced by reading and rephrasing the information included in this newsletter.

The Lowell Mill

Young, unmarried women looking for independence and a meager wage go to the Lowell Mill. Although the work environment is rough, and the work conditions itself brutal, most believe the mill is the best place to go if you are looking for employment.

Transportation Improvements

In the 1900s, a Transportation Revolution occured, which brought substantial growth in the transportation of both people and goods throughout Eastern United States. The steamboat and railroad system were the two main methods of conveyance, and their reduced rates led to an era of economical growth.

Industrial Developments and Labor Conditions

Industrial developments created a system where people would work with machines. This created an era otherwise known as a Industrial Revolution, dedicated to manufacturing goods and providing for the high demand. One such machine that created a significant impact during the 1800s was the cotton gin, used by farm slaves to speed up the process of removing seeds from the cotton itself. Although the work with machinery is beneficial to the economy, the work conditions itself were strenuous and brutal. Still, people like the Lowell Girls worked through these back-breaking situations in order to acquire a meager wage and a bit of freedom they deserve.


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